Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I hire an aerial photographer?

Aerial photography is proven to be extremely beneficial for real estate, inspections, or other uses that a conventional camera cannot cover.  

Are you licensed with the FAA?

Yes.  All Southern Altitude pilots hold a Part 107 license with the FAA for the operation of sUAS.  

Are you insured?

Yes.  We offer up to $10,000,000 in insurance where it might be necessary.  Our insurance is provided on demand through Verifly.  

Why can't I just go buy a drone a take pictures/video myself?

The FAA has strict regulations regarding unauthorized commercial use of drones. If a business hires an unlicensed pilot they can be subject to a $11,000 fine per occurrence and the pilot can be subject to a $1,100 fine.  If someone unlicensed flies for commercial purposes they can be on the hook for both fines.  Besides the legality of it, Southern Altitude offers top quality services with years of experience.  We handle all of the post production to get your materials to you with as little hassle as possible.  

How quickly do I receive my files?

In most cases, we will have all of the materials to you within 24 hours of completing our flights.  We share files through Dropbox and provide free storage of your materials online.  If you request, we can also deliver in the form of a USB stick, or upload directly to where you need the files. 

Is weather a problem?

In the case of unsafe weather, we will reschedule to another date.  

Do you work with clients on pricing?

Absolutely.  The point of aerial photography is to be affordable for businesses, realtors, and others to use it on a regular basis.  Rather than give a quote each time, we are extremely transparent with our pricing and have pricing posted on our Services/Booking page.  With that said, we will work with you on pricing so that this tool practical for your needs.  

I am a new client, could I get a demo?

All of our new clients get an instant 20% off of their project.  Your satisfaction is our top priority, therefore if for some reason you are not satisfied with our work, we will make it right!

How far do you travel?

The short answer is as far as you need.  We do charge a $.50/mile fee for jobs 15 miles outside of Athens.  With that said, this can be waived or changed on a case to case basis based on the job at hand.  

How do I book?

Head over to our Services/Booking page.  There you can book online by selecting a time that works for you, or feel free to contact us and book that way.  

Do I need to be onsite while you fly?

No.  Some clients like to be onsite while others would prefer to hire us and let us do the work, either is absolutely fine!  Rest assured that we take flight safety very seriously and will make sure to conduct our business safely and efficiently.  


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